For any need in prints of the best quality in textiles Marisol's Embroidery has the perfect solution.
Textile Machinery
We use the best embroidery machines to design your printing needs
We have the highest precision and accuracy when making any embroidery providing The best quality and the best view in your logos prints






Embroidery gives a very classic and high end look to your garments, high and vibrant colors for your designs that last as much as the garment. Embroidery can be used for small or large orders in a variety of garments, please visit our portfolio to see examples of embroidery in different garments.More…

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The Heat Transfer is a technique in which heat sensitive vinyl is applied to the garment. This technique is best for simple designs and small jobs since it doesn’t required any setup other than having the vector file. Heat Transfer doesn’t allow for color gradient and also the combination of colors is recommended to keep up to 2. This is also a good direction for multiple names as in sports garment in which each garment needs to be custom.

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Printing and Screen/Printing

The screen printing is a widely used technique that allows for a variety of effects and color combinations. Screen Printing is a good direction for medium to large jobs and specially for jobs that require a lot of detail. If your design contains effects such as color gradient, shadows, overprints and more than 3 colors, Screen Printing is your direction.

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Our company has the necessary and professional resources to offer you the best service. Already to be part of your service provider we will serve you with the most efficiency and the best service. We have a specialized and personalized service with our clients and we give the customized clarifications to their immediate needs.



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We count on the significant number of customers in the entire area of ​​the bay, in addition to having a catalog of products very varied and in designs at your disposal.

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